"I have worked with Brian on some fairly complex tax matters and received much more than tax advice. Brian understands what small businesses and the people that run them need to be successful. His tax efficient advice is also cost efficient and very effective. While results are what matters with any financial or tax advice, honest and accurate results matter most; Brian offers both. I highly recommend Brian for overall financial accounting and tax planning for any small business.”

"Brian's Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity"

“Brian is a valuable member of the Solo-Preneur Council. He is not only generous with his time but he puts forth an extra effort to ensure that the Solo-Preneur Council meets its objectives."

"Aside from serving as a Council member, yesterday, I had the pleasure to present with Brian at Solo-Preneur Council meeting. The topic was Getting Your Business Tax Ready and Organized For The Rest of The Year."

"Brian, clearly has a passion for helping people with the complexities of finance and taxation. He was prepared and the discussion that he led was informative and well received."

"Brian is a pleasure to work with. He is an expert in his field and made sure that everyone had something of value to take away."

"I truly look forward to the next opportunity to work with Brian and highly recommend working with him. You will be better for the experience.”

"I have been working with Brian DiBella for 12 years now as our accountant and have always found him to be very helpful and a valuable asset to our business.  Like many small companies we tend to get so caught up in the work of the business we don’t spend any time working on the business.  There have been too many years where we have been extremely busy only to find at year end we have broken even or even lost money.  We started working with Brian’s CFO services this past January.  We meet twice a month to analyze the data and go over reports Brian has generated.  He has helped us with our pricing structure to improve our  gross profit.   Through Brian’s work and our meetings together we are able to see where we stand on a monthly basis and are able implement changes as needed.  To this point things have improved and thanks to Brian I look forward to seeing positive results  as we go forward."

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