Dear Clients and Friends:

You may have received  the attached form in the mail.  Please note that this is a SCAM and you do not need to fill it out and return it.  This kind of document seems to get sent to our clients every few years.  See this news article link from 2019.,  I am sure another news article will come out soon about this latest scam. 

If you are an LLC you are required to file an annual report and pay the CT fee of $80.  The information on the bottom of this form is incorrect in the fact that the CT LLC filing fee increased from $20 to $80 per year effective July 1, 2020.  The annual report fee for corporations is $150. 

However it is more that likely that you have already take care of filing your annual report on the CT website or we have taken care of filing this report for you.  You do not need to pay CFS to do this for you. 

Please destroy this form immediately and do not respond to it.

(Click here to view an example of the form)

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Thank you.


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